Please Vote in my Poll!

Please vote in my poll!

I’m taking a poll on which of two custom oil paintings I should use as an example of my work. And I need YOUR help!

I need for you to vote!

Every year I offer up one of my custom oil paintings as an auction item at a charity function. Of course, the painting will be created just for the highest bidder. But there is only so much room for me to show off my work. As a result, I can only provide one finished painting as an example of what I am offering.

So…I need your help to decide which painting I should use! (I’m getting conflicting votes from my “staff”! Even the dog!)

Could you please study the two paintings included here? Then either comment below or comment on my Facebook post and vote. Just let me know in your comment which painting you think I should use #1 – “Fall Fun” or #2 – “Luna”.

#1 - Vote in my Poll!
#1 – Fall Fun
#2 - Vote In My Poll!
#2 – Luna

And remember, you don’t have to wait for a charity auction to get a custom oil painting of your pet or loved one. I would love to talk to you about creating a special portrait just for you or as a gift.

You can either complete this form to order your own painting. Or contact me via email. Or call me at (214) 405-1834.


#1 or #2?

19 thoughts on “Please Vote in my Poll!

  1. #2 Luna would be my choice. Not having seen the subject that you worked from, I would say that your painting of Luna seems more vivid and life like.

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