About Larry

Hand-painted portraits by Larry Gekiere


Hi, I’m Larry Gekiere and I create custom oil paintings of all kinds. My current focus is creating hand-painted portraits of cherished pets, beloved people, unforgettable places, and treasured memories for clients.

My Life and Art

Art is a continuum in my life and has taken many forms. As a young boy in Detroit, Michigan, I entered many contests in drawing and model building looking for ways to express my creativity. Eventually, I started a business doing financial planning as a way to use creativity to help people succeed financially. After 50 years, that business is still going strong.

As an Eagle Scout blessed with three sons, I have always been drawn to the outdoors and constantly see potential stories in nature. My creative bent evolved into building award-winning scratch model ships and oil paintings.

My Training

I’ve taken art courses both in Santa Fe, New Mexico and in Dallas, Texas from such renowned artists as Mike Mahon, Ann Cushing Gantz and Jeanette Dryden. Working closely with Sara Eyestone, the curator at the historic La Posada de Santa Fe Resort was a thrill for me.

I’ve participated in art shows in both Texas and New Mexico. My work has been displayed in The High Desert Angler in Santa Fe and North Platt Lodge in Wyoming.

Why I Paint

Many of my studio paintings revolve around nature and are inspired by my personal travels. I love painting landscapes and favorite vacation spots. I also have a trout series that you might find interesting. It is an action series of the five trout that are native to New Mexico. These unique original oil paintings are in a typical New Mexico setting. I really enjoy painting memories of my own travels and pictures from clients’ memorable trips.

My art is a representation of individual memories expressed in oil paint. In my experience, I have come to realize that clients want to have lasting visual images of those beloved people and pets and places that play important parts of their lives.

Let Me Paint for YOU!

But, as I said, my current focus and one of the most enjoyable aspects of my work is hand-painted portraits of the cherished pets, beloved people, unforgettable places, and treasured memories in my clients’ lives. I will work with you to make this experience of having a custom oil painting created to your specifications both enjoyable and memorable.

Please consider contacting me via email or calling (214)405-1834 to discuss the painting you would like to see me create for you!