A Diptych of Lovely Fur Companions

What is a diptych you may ask? A diptych is usually a painting made of two small parts, which are normally joined by hinges. In this case, Larry Gekiere – Artist created this diptych as two fairly large custom oil paintings of two lovely fur companions joined by a theme.

Two Paintings Joined as One

The subjects of this diptych are Fiona, a 9-year-old Golden Doodle, and Penelope, a 6-year-old English Spaniel. The two paintings look as if they could be one where Penelope is guarding the ball and Fiona is planning on stealing it!

One of these two paintings was a charitable donation to the Crystal Charity Ball purchased at auction. The other, to create the diptych, was a commission by Fiona and Penelope’s human, who was thrilled with the two paintings.

Custom Diptych for YOU!

Consider a custom diptych of a your beloved pets, or a custom oil painting of one fur companion. Larry Gekiere – Artist creates oil paintings on canvas like these, as well as hand-painted custom oil paintings on wood frames. If you are interested, just click here for our Order Form or feel free to call Larry at (214) 405-1834 and we will work out the details.

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