My name is Larry Gekiere and I enjoy creating custom oil paintings of all kinds. My current focus is creating portraits of cherished pets, beloved people, unforgettable places, and treasured memories for clients.

My Most Recent Projects

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You may have a subject in mind that you would like to see in a custom oil painting or paintings. It might be a loved one or a beloved place or a treasured item or a fur, feathered, or finned friend. Whatever the subject, I would love to create a custom oil painting for YOU. If you are interested, please read this first.

My Most Recent Posts

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A Custom Oil Painting Perfect for A Small Space

As I shared with you back in April, I offered up a gift certificate as a donation to the Kibble and Cocktails event to benefit DFW Rescue Me’s Justice Fund. A lovely lady was the lucky bidder and commissioned me to paint a portrait of her beloved Tracker. And she wanted a custom oil painting just the right size for her favorite bookshelf.

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Kibble & Cocktails – Bid on a Custom Oil Painting!

As you know if you have checked out my portfolios and blog posts, I like to support local charities with special donations. Once again Larry Gekiere – Artist has donated a gift certificate good for $500 toward a custom oil painting to a great cause, the Kibble and Cocktails event.

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Found a Hidden Gem Right Behind Me!

I’m always looking for something, or someone, lovely or interesting to paint. It is somewhat reflective of life in general, that I discovered a great subject right under my nose. When you really pay attention to the things around you, you might just find a hidden gem!

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What Are The Funniest Dog Breeds?

I have a bit of experience here at Larry Gekiere – Artist with different dog breeds, of course. One thing I know for sure is that dogs have personalities. And those personalities range from gentle and affectionate to boisterous and hilarious. If you have a dog in that latter category, you know exactly what I am talking about.

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