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A Unique and Special Painting

For YOUR unique and special companion or companions! A lot of folks have more than one special companion, often a few! And others don’t have a lot of space to hang large paintings. If you are one of those folks, I have a idea for you! The perfect size for YOUR unique and special companion or companions or for YOUR particular space!

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Painting A Restoration Masterpiece!

And no, I’m not bragging that my painting is a masterpiece, but it IS a painting OF a masterpiece. The restoration of this truck was an act of love, and it is obvious in the end result.

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I Got To Paint Frankenstein!

No, not THAT one. This is Frank, short for Frankenstein. And I got to paint THIS Frankenstein.

Why Frankenstein? Because Frank is a mixed breed. But, as you can see, unlike his namesake, Frank is a really HANDSOME fellow. Frank’s dad is a golf pro and had just made a hole in one (!) when he took this photo of his buddy Frank.

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Painting A Dear Friend: Daisy

This fun-loving, spunky, and very fashionable lady is Daisy. Daisy’s best friend wanted to memorialize her in a very special way, so I was commissioned to create a custom oil painting of this beloved friend and companion. (Read more…)