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Photo Contest

I’m having a PHOTO CONTEST!!

In honor of Spring 2020 turning into Summer 2020 while we weren’t looking, “Larry Gekiere Artist” is holding a contest just for my newsletter subscribers. The theme of the contest is descriptive of the way our pets keep us sane and happy and healthy while we are staying safe at home – “Helping Us Laugh, Smile, and Power-Through a Tough Time”. (Read more…)

Painting The Lovely Stella: Step-by-Step

As you can see from my latest project, a custom oil painting of the lovely Stella, I am staying busy during this “stay at home” time. And Stella’s brilliant human took advantage of my 50% Social Distancing Discount! Stella is 23 years young and I will enjoy meeting her when we are able to get out and about again. (Read more…)

Lessons From Dogs

Yes, we here at Larry Gekiere – Artist know that you can learn a lot from your fur and feathered and finned companions, and our dog friends in particular seem to be full of furry wisdom and lessons for all of us . So I thought we should start the summer season with some of those lessons, since our furred friends love this season, along with some of the custom oil-painted portraits of these wise companions we have captured on canvas. (Read more…)

Social Distancing Discount!



While we are following the rules – staying home, keeping that necessary social distance, washing our hands – some of us have extra time on our very clean hands as we hang out at home (irritating spouses but making our pets VERY happy!) So we have time for a DISCOUNT! (Read more…)