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A Donation for Jub Jam and a Great Cause

This past April, Larry Gekiere – Artist donated a custom 12″ by 16″ oil portrait to the 2019 Jub Jam auction and was very happy to do so, since the cause that the Jub Jam supports is one close to his heart. (Read more…)

The Best SURPRISE? A Custom Oil Painting

Finally! I’m getting a chance to share with you some of the SURPRISE gifts that I created for customers for the holidays. Since these custom oil paintings were surprises, I couldn’t let you in on the excitement of their creation, but now I can.  (Read more…)

First “Custom Paintings” of Dogs

Not exactly the kind of custom oil paintings that I create for my clients, but these ancient representations of dogs that were carved into sandstone in Saudi Arabia 8000 to 9000 years ago, are thought to be the oldest artistic depictions of dogs ever found. (Read more…)

A Unique and Personal Holiday Gift

A gift certificate from Larry Gekiere – Artist for a one-of-a-kind oil painting makes a thoughtful and unique present for anyone on your list! Someone in your life would certainly treasure a portrait of a beloved pet or a painting of a very special person. You might even have the exact subject in mind for their painting. (Read more…)