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Limited Time Offer and Poll Results!

If you don’t get my newsletter, you missed out on a few weeks head start on my LIMITED TIME OFFER for the holidays AND the results of my recent poll! (Be sure to sign up for my newsletter so you won’t miss out in the future!) (Read more…)

The Lady On The Train – A Painting, NOT A Mystery

Or perhaps it IS a mystery, because I really don’t know the identity of the lady who I captured in my “Lady On The Train” painting. But she is now immortalized in oil paint, and I really enjoyed  creating this portrait. (Read more…)

Please Vote in my Poll!

Please vote in my poll!

I’m taking a poll on which of two custom oil paintings I should use as an example of my work. And I need YOUR help!

I need for you to vote! (Read more…)

GIVEAWAY to Celebrate My New Website!

I’m having a GIVEAWAY to celebrate my new website!

Since you’re here, I’m sure you have noticed by now that my website has a bright, shiny new look and feel! And I am so excited about my new home that I am giving away free stuff to celebrate! (Read more…)