Looking for a Unique and Personal Holiday Gift?

A one-of-a-kind custom oil painting from Larry Gekiere – Artist makes one of the most unique and personal holiday gifts you can give to ANYONE on your list! Someone in your life would certainly treasure a portrait of a beloved pet or a painting of a very special person. And if you don’t have the exact subject in mind or the perfect photograph in hand to create their painting, a gift certificate from Larry Gekiere – Artist would make an equally thoughtful and unique present for that special person on your list!

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Photo Contest Winners!

Chewy - Photo Contest

The Helping Us Laugh, Smile, and Power-Through a Tough Time” photo contest here at “Larry Gekiere Artist”, to celebrate how our favorite fur, feathered, and fin folks have helped us cope with the current challenges facing our world, is OVER! I am delighted to announce the winners. Just a reminder, if you subscribe to my newsletter, you will get a chance to participate in future contests!

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Lessons From Dogs

Yes, we here at Larry Gekiere – Artist know that you can learn a lot from your fur and feathered and finned companions, and our dog friends in particular seem to be full of furry wisdom and lessons for all of us. So I thought we should start the summer season with some of those lessons, since our furred friends love this season, along with some of the custom oil-painted portraits of these wise companions we have captured on canvas.

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