Limited Time Offer and Poll Results!

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Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, I am offering 30% off on any Larry Gekiere – Artist gift certificate. A gift certificate from Larry Gekiere – Artist for a custom oil painting would make a thoughtful and unique present for anyone on your list! Someone in your life would certainly treasure a portrait of a beloved pet or a painting of a very special person. You might even have the exact subject in mind for their painting.

Limited Time Holiday Offer

A One-of-a-Kind Gift

Imagine the look on your friend or loved one’s face when they unwrap such a unique and very personal gift. It shows your understanding of what such a painting would mean to them. Each gift certificate is personalized just for you – your recipient, the size of the painting, and the subject of the painting.

For a limited time – until Christmas Eve – you can get this unique gift for 30% off! Of course, the actual painting won’t be delivered until after Christmas. 

Just click here for my Order Form. Simply tell me you want a Gift Certificate in the “Details of Project” section and any other details you have – the recipient’s name, the painting size, the type of subject, and what you might want to spend. If you don’t really know exactly what you want, feel free to call me at (214) 405-1834 and we will work out the details.

Results of My Poll

As you know, I did a poll on which of two custom oil paintings I should use as an example of my work at a charity auction and YOU helped tremendously! I asked you to choose between #1 Fall Fun and #2 Luna.

Poll Winner

#1 – Fall Fun

#2 – Luna

And the Winner Is

As the result of an overwhelming number of votes from you wonderful people, #2 Luna was the winner of my poll and will be the one I display at the auction. 

But you don’t need to wait on a charity auction to get a custom oil painting by me, Larry Gekiere. I would love to create a custom oil painting of your dog or cat or other animal companion, or of a loved one! You can either complete this form to order your own painting or contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834.

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I want to wish each and every one of you the happiest of holiday seasons and also express my special gratitude to the clients who trusted me with their treasured memories over the past months. See you next year!

Limited Time Holiday Offer

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