The Lady On The Train – A Painting, NOT A Mystery

Or perhaps it IS a mystery, because I really don’t know the identity of the lady who I captured in my “Lady On The Train” painting. But she is now immortalized in oil paint, and I really enjoyed creating this portrait.

We were on a train in Switzerland on our way to, of all things, the Matterhorn, when I spotted her. Of course, like a lot of you, I enjoy people watching. As a painter, I really do tend to study everything and everyone (and every creature) around me.

The lady on the train caught my eye and I had to get her down on canvas. When you look at her, you have to wonder – what is she thinking? Where is she going? Where is she coming from? You could make up an entire story about her – perhaps a novel of romance, suspense, or mystery.

Mystery or Memory?
Mystery or Memory?

At the same time, as a result, I now have a permanent recording of a memory – a reminder of our wonderful trip. Let me know what you think of her – my mysterious lady on the train.

And remember, you too can capture memories that you want to keep forever. I would love to talk to you about preserving your special memories on canvas by creating a custom oil painting of your dog or cat or other animal companion, or of a loved one!

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4 thoughts on “The Lady On The Train – A Painting, NOT A Mystery

  1. Oh Larry…..this is amazing. Her eyes so expressive….Thank you for sharing. You are a wonderful artist and friend.

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