Tis The Season for Hand-Painted Gifts!

Once again, it’s that time of year when you scratch your head over the ideal gifts for loved ones and friends. You already know the kind of hand-painted custom oils I do of pets, or, if you don’t, you can check out my portfolios here and consider presenting your loved one or friend with a special, custom oil painting of their favorite companion. In addition, I also paint landscapes, buildings, landmarks, and interesting people I see on my travels. Stay tuned for some additional ideas for gifts this season!

A Very Special Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate for Custom Oil Painting
Gift Certificate for Custom Oil Painting

First, and most important, give a friend or loved one a very unique and personalized gift – a personalized Larry Gekiere – Artist gift certificate for a custom oil painting of their choosing. This would be a thoughtful and unique present for anyone on your list!

Imagine the look on your friend or loved one’s face when they unwrap such a unique and very personal present. It shows your understanding of what such a painting would mean to them. This is a great holiday gift that gives TWICE. It is a great present when you present the gift certificate. And it is an even better one when the actual painting is delivered after the holidays! 

An “En plein air” Oil Painting

Hand-Painted Landscape

What does “En plein air” mean? It means the act of painting outdoors. So a “plein air” painting is one painted outside in the elements, specifically to better capture the changing details of weather and light.

I love to paint outdoors. In this case, the subject is our yard in Santa Fe. I love to recreate the feeling of being outdoors as well. Often, the pictures I receive to recreate in oil on canvas, are taken outdoors. It can present challenges, dealing with shadow and light, but it is still enjoyable and the end result is a memory of an ephemeral moment.

A Memorable Face Hand-Painted in Oil

Hand-Painted Portrait

I love it when I meet someone while traveling who has a memorable face (as you can see in my portfolio). I enjoy capturing those faces in oil on canvas when I get home. This fellow was someone we encountered at Lake Como in Italy. Does that seem like a face that has seen a lot of life?

Gifting Done Right

Consider gifting someone in your life with a custom oil painting of someone, or something, in their life – a beloved pet, a memorable place, or a treasured belonging. If you are interested in a gift certificate or a hand-painted custom oil on canvas, just click here for my Order Form or feel free to call me at (214) 405-1834 and we will work out the details.

From Larry Gekiere – Artist to you and yours, have a WONDERFUL holiday season with your loved ones!

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