The Best SURPRISE? A Custom Oil Painting!

The very best surprise gift for any occasion is a custom oil painting. And I am finally getting a chance to share with you some of the SURPRISE gifts that I created for customers for the holidays. Since these custom oil paintings were surprises, I couldn’t let you in on the excitement of their creation, but now I can.

surprise custom oil painting

Carlos – The Best Gift

The first surprise was a gift “for the boss who has everything”. But the gift-giver knew that her boss loved his dog, so she decided to surprise him with a custom oil painting.

The dog is a handsome black German Shepherd named Carlos, as you can see.

Apparently it was a hit! The boss said that it was “the best gift he had ever been given”.

Sounds like a happy ending for both the gift-giver and the boss!

Carlos – The Photo

This is the photo of Carlos that I used to create the oil painting of the handsome Carlos! The picture made it easy to capture his personality.

surprise custom oil painting
surprise custom oil painting

Annie’s mom said that the painting definitely made Christmas easier this year. She told me that, at that moment, Annie was lying on the sofa next to the painting and I had captured her perfectly.

Another happy customer!

Annie – A Very Special Place

Annie holds a very special place in the heart of her family. She is a lovely poodle who was a rescue.

Annie’s mom wanted a portrait of Annie for her son and daughter-in-law. It was going to be an extremely tough Christmas for the family as they had lost their husband and father earlier in the year and the portrait of their fur family member – Annie – was to be a very special gift.

When her son and daughter-in-law opened the painting, she said they were speechless. The daughter-in-law said it was the best Christmas present ever and the son took smartphone photos of the painting to send to friends.

Annie – The Photo

Another example of some of the challenges of creating custom oil paintings from photos. This is the photo of Annie that I used to create her painting.

surprise custom oil painting

Rudy and Gloria

The fur parents of Rudy and Gloria purchased the painting that I donated to the Crystal Charity Ball and promptly forgot about their purchase. When I reminded them, they were thrilled and wanted a portrait of Gloria, their terrier. Then they decided to add on Rudy, their aging retriever, as well. This is the photo they had originally wanted to pick Gloria out of, then they added Rudy back.

They were thrilled with the end result and especially when they lost Rudy not long after the painting was completed.

As you can see, portraits of beloved pets or loved ones can make wonderful gifts, no matter the occasion. As a reminder, Valentine’s Day is coming!

If you would like your own custom painting – as a gift of for yourself – just complete this form. If you have any questions, just contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834.

And a big THANK YOU for reading my blog!

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