Painting the Photo Contest Winners

As you know, last year we had a photo contest focused on the way our pets are keeping us sane and happy and healthy while we are dealing with the pandemic – “Helping Us Laugh, Smile, and Power-Through a Tough Time”. And both the 1st and 2nd place winners chose to have their custom oil paintings created as holiday gifts, so I can only share them with you now.


Winning Photo


As I have said before, the photograph is key. And Janna W.’s first-prize-winning photograph of Chewbacca aka Chewy, an 11 month old Goldendoodle really revealed his playful personality.

Painting in Progress

Just sharing with you an interim step in producing the custom oil painting of Chewbacca. It was destined to be a special holiday gift for one of Chewy’s favorite humans!

Chewbacca's Painting In Progress

Final Painting

Chewbacca - Final Painting
Chewbacca – Final Painting
Cort and Chewbacca


And of course, I had to include the presentation of the custom oil painting of Chewbacca to one of his favorite humans – Cort. And Cort was very pleased with his gift! (So was Chewy!)



Actually, this photo was not one of the winners, but Lezli R., who won second place for her photo of her cat, Ivy Joy, decided she wanted a custom oil painting of Honey Bun, her chihuahua. It also was intended as a holiday gift.

Honey Photo
Honey Bun Progress

Painting in Progress

As always, I like to share with you the painting in progress. This is one of the interim steps in Honey Bun’s painting

Final Painting

Honey Bun Final Painting

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