Painting Handsome Loki: Step-by-Step

I really enjoy walking you through my process as I create custom oil paintings for my customers. This handsome fellow is Loki and his family decided to present a painting of Loki to a family member who would not see him in person for a while.

The Photo

This is the photograph that Loki’s family sent to me to create a custom oil painting of this handsome fellow. Impressive, isn’t he?

Loki Photo
Loki Sketch

The Sketch

This is the basic sketch. It will be followed by a wash – the process of putting a very thin coat of oil paint on the canvas. That shows me the lights and the darks that I will use for contrast in the final painting. 

Full Color Palette

Here I have added the full palette of color. This is where the painting starts to comes together, showing me that I got the drawing right.

Loki Full Color Palette
Loki Final Painting

Final Painting with Details

This is the final painting of Loki with the finished details – bright eyes, detailed fur, inquisitive nose, and that fabulous personality comes through!


I wanted to show you the intricate detail of Loki’s amazing face. Look at those eyes and that nose! He’s a character!

Closeup of Loki Painting

Presenting the Present!

And of course, Loki’s favorite human person was VERY pleased with his surprise gift!

I hope you enjoyed this step-by-step review of the creation of Loki’s portrait. I’m sure that the recipient of this gift will treasure it while he is away and unable to hug the real Loki. I have shared my step-by-step process on other paintings as you can see here.

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