Found a Hidden Gem Right Behind Me!

I’m always looking for something, or someone, lovely or interesting to paint. It is somewhat reflective of life in general, that I discovered a great subject right under my nose. When you really pay attention to the things around you, you might just find a hidden gem!

I Looked Over My Shoulder and Found a Painting!

I was painting in my studio, looked over my shoulder, and discovered a gorgeous view that was worthy of painting. Right outside my studio window!

The View From My Studio

Painting My View

What’s Over Your Shoulder?

Do you have a hidden gem? A view worthy of a painting? Or perhaps you have a house you would like to capture on canvas? Or maybe even a boat or car you want to memorialize? Or you may have a photograph of a birthplace or a beloved location you would like to see in an original oil painting?

Look behind you, I did! I found something beautiful right over my shoulder, and I would be delighted to capture your hidden gem on canvas. And of course, as always, I am very happy to create a custom oil painting of your beloved pet.

If you have a painting in mind that you would like hand painted in oil just for you, just complete this form. If you have any questions, just contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834.

And a big THANK YOU for reading my blog!

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