Photo Contest Entries – Winners Announced Soon!

As you know, in honor of National Pet Week, “Larry Gekiere Artist” held a contest just for my newsletter subscribers. The theme of the contest was in keeping with the theme for next year’s National Pet Week – “More than a Pet, More than a Friend…Family”.

Here are all the GREAT entries for your enjoyment. I’ll be announcing the winner shortly (after the Fourth of July holidays) right here on my blog and on my Facebook page.

Photographs are a very important part of my job, in producing a hand-painted oil portrait of your pet, and I LOVE photos like these.

A family portrait from Lezli R.=>

< ==== Another one from Lezli R.

A group shot from Jill C.=======>

< =====Another one from Lezli R.

A greeting from Lezli R.=======>

<==A black and white image from Hal M.

A candid shot from Lori M.====>

< ======A candid shot from Jill C.

A collage from Lezli R.========>

< ======Another one from Jill C.

A family portrait from Jill C.===>

< ===A Christmas shot from Gloria R.

A balancing act from Gloria R.==>

< ==A “Find the Cat” one from Gloria R.

It’s going to be tough to choose!! But I will. Stay tuned!

The prizes for the contest are:

FIRST PRIZE – A 6″ x 6″ Larry Gekiere – Artist custom oil painting or a $600 credit on a larger Larry Gekiere – Artist custom oil painting

SECOND PRIZE – A $300 credit on a Larry Gekiere – Artist custom oil painting

THIRD PRIZE – A $200 credit on a Larry Gekiere – Artist custom oil painting

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