Painting A Restoration Masterpiece!

And no, I’m not bragging that my painting is a masterpiece, but it IS a painting OF a masterpiece. The restoration of this truck was an act of love, and it is obvious in the end result. So much so, that the grandparents of the young man who restored it wanted to celebrate his amazing job with the gift of a custom oil painting of the end result from Larry Gekiere – Artist.

Restored Truck Photo
The Photo

This is the reference photograph I used to create the gift. I have to admit that I had never attempted a painting of a vehicle before and it was quite a challenge, but I muscled through, much as the restorer of this beauty did!

Restored Truck Painting
The Painting

When the gift was presented, his grandparents texted me to let me know that “He was so delighted!! He loved it! 😁. Thanks for the time and care you put into creating it.”

And that made all the work I put into creating this portrait of a masterpiece worthwhile!

Do you have something or someone precious that you would like captured in a custom oil painting? Do you have a unique gift idea for a loved one or a friend? I would love to create a custom oil painting for you! You can either complete this form to order your own painting or contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834

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