Why Have a Pet Portrait Commissioned?

Best Friends

Have you heard of the phrase “man’s best friend?” It’s a common phrase referring to domestic dogs as pets who are close to their owners. The phrase dates back to the 1700s when Frederick the Great of Prussia first introduced the idea in reference to one of his Italian Greyhounds.

Dogs, for many people, truly are best friends, as are cats and other pets. They are to be celebrated in many ways, and, as you know, it’s especially hard on a person when they lose their beloved pet.

If you have a pet whom you consider to be “like one of the family,” then you should consider allowing me to paint a portrait of your pet.

Why a Formal Portrait?

Why have a formal portrait done? This piece of art helps capture the spirit of your friend in a way that’s unique and long-lasting. Even when your dog is not around, you can look at the portrait and smile, thinking of fond and happy memories with your faithful companion.

We tend to show off those whom we love to other people, letting them know who or what’s important to us, right? Just like you’d want a family portrait of humans hanging on the wall in your living room for visitors to see, it makes sense to have a pet portrait there, too. Jokingly, some people say they love their pet more than their (human) family!

Why a Painting?

While photographs are nice, they can fade over time or even disintegrate. An oil painting, though, has a more permanent feel — it can last generations. There’s something timeless and exquisite about an oil painting hanging in a room.

As an artist, I take my time using oil paints on canvas, using my hand and a brush rather than a computer. I want to capture the essence of your pet. Previous clients have remarked about the artistic beauty of my renderings of their fur family members.

Our pets are such wonderful and unique creatures. They all have their own individual personalities. Some are shy and quiet, while others are outgoing and energetic. No matter what their temperament, when they bond with their owners, it’s almost magical. Indeed, there seems to be a spiritual, supernatural connection between pets and their owners.

Celebrate YOUR Relationship with YOUR pet

To celebrate this important and worthy connection, let me paint the perfect portrait of your pet. Email me or call 214-405-1834 for more information.

One thought on “Why Have a Pet Portrait Commissioned?

  1. Larry you never cease to surprise me! You have been blessed with many talents and I am in awe of your paintings. I believe you paint the animals so well is because you, like me, are an animal lover and feel a strong connection to them. I am still doing oil paintings and I love painting animals, but they are a real challenge to me. Keep up the good work, so good to see that you are spending your time doing something you love to do. Best of luck and my very best regards to you.

    Dotty Germino

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