Capturing a Great Egret in Oil

Great Egrets were hunted nearly to extinction for their plumes in the late nineteenth century, sparking conservation movements and some of the first laws to protect birds, so when I set out to capture one, it was only to do so with the greatest respect — in oil on canvas. And I have to say, capturing a Great Egret in oil was a fun challenge!

The Photograph

Great Egret
Photograph of a Great Egret

I took this photograph while I was out golfing and decided that it would be fun to paint this amazing — graceful and dignified looking — specimen. And, as any painter will tell you, white furred or feathered subjects are a real challenge!

The Painting

Great Egret Painting

And I have to say I am pleased with the results. This painting was, well, FUN to create. I think I did capture the dignity and grace of this creature, and the intricacy and beauty of its feathers.

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