Winning Comedy Pet Photographs

As I have said before, photographs are a very important part of my job in producing a hand-painted oil portrait of your pet. These kinds of photos, that were winners in the Comedy Pet Photography Awards might not be perfect for a painting, but they are perfect for a laugh.

We celebrated the first year of the Comedy Pet Photography Awards five years ago and they are still going strong. These awards are a companion to the Comedy Wildlife Photography Award competition, which is devoted to conservation. The Comedy Pet Photography Awards are devoted to animal welfare. They have strict entry rules about how the animals photographed are treated and the way the photographs are taken.

Winner of the Dog CategoryOur Best Friends

This is Clementine, a Golden Retriever who LOVES to stick her face in the hose spray whenever her mom is watering. A mouthful of teeth that a T-Rex would envy, don’t you think?

Jurassic Bark by Carmen Comer
The Eureka Moment! by Sophie Bonnefoi

Winner of the All Other Creatures, Great and Small Category

Two week old Cutie and Speedy JUST discovered their shadows! Their owner said they spent quite a bit of time studying their dark companions.

Winner of the Pets Who Look Like Their Owners Category

This one was a happy accident during a formal photo taking session when a fly decided to photo bomb!

…That was a good one!! by Jakub Gojda
Whizz Pop by Zoe Ross

Overall Winner

Apparently, this guy was playing with soap bubbles in the garden and “might have swallowed one”!!!

Perfect comedy timing!

If you have a funny photograph of your favorite fur, feather, or finned companion or any photograph of your beloved buddy that you would like turned into a custom oil painting, I would love to create a winning memory for you to keep. You can either complete this form to order your own painting or contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834

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