First “Custom Paintings” of Dogs?

Not exactly the kind of custom oil paintings that I create for my clients, but these ancient representations of dogs that were carved into sandstone in Saudi Arabia 8000 to 9000 years ago, are thought to be the oldest artistic depictions of dogs ever found. A great article in the journal Science details the finding.

First Custom Painting of Dogs
The cave carvings

These carvings picture a hunter with 13 dogs, each with distinguishing coats and, amazingly enough, leashes, which means humans were training and controlling dogs thousands of years earlier than believed.

As one Smithsonian archaeozoologist said, “It’s truly astounding stuff. It’s the only real demonstration we have of humans using early dogs to hunt.”

First Custom Painting of Dog
Canaan dog and one of the carved dogs

Another archaezoologist points out that the dogs “look a lot like today’s Canaan dog…a largely feral breed that roams the deserts of the Middle East.”

However, another archaeologist points out that the lines in the engravings rather than being “leashes” could just be symbolic depictions of the bond between the hunter and the animal, but, either way, it was clear from the details – the coat patterns, stances, and genders – that “these creatures were very important, beloved companions.”

Much like those ancient hunters, those of us blessed with the companionship of a dog would agree – they are very important in our lives and beloved family members.

But you don’t have to carve your beloved fur companion into a sandstone wall, just get in touch with me, Larry Gekiere, to create a custom oil painting of your dog or cat or other animal companion! You can either complete this form to order your own painting or contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834.

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