Don’t Do This If You Have A Pet – Funny Photos!

Photographs are a very important part of my job in producing a hand-painted, custom oil portrait of your pet. But these kinds of photos, which show you things you should not do if you have a pet, aren’t quite what I had in mind, but they are perfect for a laugh!

No Pizza!

Based on the plethora of photos out there of empty pizza boxes and guilty (if comfortably full) pets, having ANY pizza around your house or your car or pretty much anywhere is OUT!

No Remotes!

Again, based on the carnage involving ANY kind of remote, it would be best not to have ANY remotes in your home if you have a pet!

No Couches!

Actually, no bean bags, upholstered chairs, or furniture of ANY kind would be best if you have pets! (By the way, the cat did it!)

No Yard!

No gardens, nothing involving dirt of ANY kind would be best if you have a pet, specifically a dog. If you must have dirt, install an outdoor tub/shower!

No Paper Products!

Books, calendars, magazines – anything made of paper is a no-no if you have a reader/eater in your home!

No Dog Treats!

In fact, no dog food, cat food, or snacks of ANY kind, unless you stock up BIG time on extra bags/cans and store them in a SAFE!

No Toilet Paper!

And I’m not even showing you the CATS with this stuff! Seriously, you managed during the shortage, you can figure it out!

No Baked Goods!

There used to be THREE loaves of pumpkin bread. And you don’t want to know about the cookies, cakes, muffins… You’ll survive!

No Doors or Walls!

Seriously, an OPEN floor plan is best with these guys!


All in fun. Of course you don’t have to give up any of those things if you have a precious fur or feather or finned companion in your life! You might invest in some training if any of these are a problem for you, but for the most part, our best buddies don’t get into much trouble at all as long as we give them lots of LOVE!

To show your love for your favorite fur, feather, or finned companion, consider turning your favorite funny or not so funny photograph of your beloved buddy into a custom oil painting! I would love to create a priceless memory for you to keep. You can either complete this form to order your own painting or contact me via email or call me at (214) 405-1834

2 thoughts on “Don’t Do This If You Have A Pet – Funny Photos!

  1. Larry, if only I had a dog 😆🫢😆
    Loved your photos – all good for a laugh.
    Hope you & Suzy are fine. Darden & I leave for CO in the morning to return to the heat at the end of August – would enjoy an evening w/ you 2 when we get home.

    1. Thanks, Sandra! Sorry this response is so late. For some reason I am not getting notified of comments on the website! I will get my webmaster to work on that!

      – Larry

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