I thought you would enjoy seeing the process that I use to capture your puppy the way you want her.

This owner wanted the puppy picture with the dog looking forward and yet the tail up. Try as she might she was unable to get the exact pose she wanted so we are working creating a pose that is what she wanted. As you can see we have two pictures that we are working from and the first step is for me to create a drawing that will show what is wanted. This is the first pass at it and I will keep adding to this article  as my work progresses.

Now that we have a design that will fit what is wanted, we do what is called a wash. This is where we start to introduce oil to the canvas but without regard to trying to organize by color. It is more a way to strart visualizing the dark and light areas in the pictire.

As you can see from the next  picture we hae started to add more color. The puppy is starting to take shape. In looking at the photo. I feel that the fence and the stones will not show off the puppy in the best light. So I proposed changing the background to a field and sky. We aggreeded and so the next pass through will  be with a different background. In doing this it will also lighten the dog with more contrast.

Pup 1 1
Pup 2
Pup Sketch

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